Τhe villa was built as a holiday family house, which exudes tranquility. The stylish island-chic interior is the ideal blend of classic Cycladic architecture and contemporary luxury. The ambiance is opulent while being comfortable and unobtrusive. While it is located on the trendy island of Mykonos, it provides a tranquil haven that is ideal for families and everyone who enjoys relaxing vacations. With breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, a very private beach-like pool, and a huge outdoor space, the hotel offers an exceptional lifestyle experience to its guests.

17 Guests
8 bedrooms
5600 m2
Everything you will ever need
Kitchen facilities
Kitchen facilities
Bosch Oven Bosch - Professional Refrigerator - Fridge Bosch - Dishwasher Microwave - Nespresso machine
Laundry Services
Laundry Services
Safe Boxes in all rooms
Free WiFi
Free WiFi
Climate Control
Climate Control
All internal sections have a central climate system.
Smart TVs in all areas - All interior and outdoor locations have a sound system - A smart-house system is a technology that allows you to control your home remotely -USB chargers in all rooms - Tablet in every room- Wireless Phone able to contact with all rooms and villas’ staff (in all rooms)
Living Room
Living Room
swimming pool
swimming pool

A playground and a variety of eucalyptus trees may be seen in the side yard. This is the estate’s coolest place, thanks to the shade provided by the trees. The parking spots are directly accessible from the Side Yard.

The Garden in the Front Yard

The Vineyard, Olive Grove, and Bostani are all located at the front of the yard, where you may choose your own fresh organic veggies such as tomatoes, cucumbers, colorful peppers, zucchini, eggplants, cherry tomatoes, melons, and watermelons. The front yard also has a ping pong table and a seated lounge space for 12 people.


The Church

The wandering round the Greek Church, which is arguably the nicest site in the villa, is located at the top of the hill. The church’s surroundings provide spectacular sunset views, with 11 Cycladic islands visible in the distance.  The church is a great location for a wedding celebration, with interior seating for up to 20 guests and outdoor seating for up to 150 people.

The villa’s Private Pool is a large pool area with several lovely areas.There are 12 sunbeds, two large beds for four people, and billows around the swimming pool, as well as a variety of flora such as Egyptian palms.

Breakfast and dining area in the open air

Two tables and 25 seats make up the eating space. It provides direct access to the pool as well as the grill.

The Sunset Lounge was located near the pool and included two tables and seating for 20 people. The greatest place in the pool area to see the sunset is here.


Pool Lounge is a place where you may relax and unwind.

The pool lounge, which is located next to the outdoor eating area, can accommodate up to 12 people. It also has direct access to the pool, as well as a sea and pool view from the couch.


BBQ Zone

There is a wood stove BBQ, traditional stone oven, gas stove burner, pool bar, and outside eating area for 13 people in the barbeque area. There is easy access to the kitchen, basement, and pool area from the BBQ patio, which also has sunset and sea views.

Ground Level



The villa features a fully equipped professional kitchen with its own entrance and supply stairs. It also has a lot of pantry space, and the cooking equipment includes all of the essential professional tools, as well as Cycladic traditional stone hulls.

The BBQ place, outdoor eating area, pool area, and parking area are all directly accessible from the kitchen. At the kitchen cabinet, there is a 6-person stand-up dining table that is part of the kitchen island, as well as a sound system, TV, and air conditioning.

Laundry Room

It consists of storage cupboards, a washing machine, and a large refrigerator. The kitchen provides direct access to the laundry room.


Dining Area Indoors

The indoor eating space has a sound system and air conditioning and may accommodate up to 12 people. It gives direct access to the bar, living room, communal bathroom, pool area, and outdoor eating area, as well as a unique sea and pool view.

Area of the Living Room

The villa’s main building has a special living room space with built-in sofas that can accommodate up to 25 people. It comes with a smart TV, sound system, and air conditioning, as well as access to the bar, shared bathroom, indoor and outdoor eating spaces, pool area, and shared bathroom.

Indoor Bar There is a wine cellar and areas to set up as a cocktail and beverages manufacturing point inside the indoor bar. It has a music system, air conditioning, and bar stool seating.


Bar Indoors

There is a wine cellar and areas to set up as a cocktail and beverages manufacturing station inside the indoor bar. It has a music system, air conditioning, four-bar stool seats, and a Panasonic wireless phone for calling the rooms and the villa’s employees. The kitchen, eating spaces (indoor and outdoor), pool area, and communal bathroom are all accessible from the bar.

Communal Bathroom

The main structure has a communal bathroom that can be accessed from the pool area, the BBQ area, and the kitchen. It is a fully equipped bathroom with a shower and toilet with a bidet that has been designed for general usage.


Lounge (indoor)

The indoor lounge space is located on the first level of the main building and can accommodate up to 15 people. There is a coffee station in the lounge that may be utilized by guests staying in the main building’s guestrooms. The large balcony has direct access and provides a spectacular sunset and sea view.

Villa Accommodation

  • Property interior area:800 m2
  • 5 Bedrooms + 3 Guest Houses +2 En-suite Staff Bedrooms
  • 9 Bathrooms
  • The villa is composed of 1 main block and 3 Guest Houses with 8 independent entrances
  • For up to 18 guests
  • Private Church
  • Wine Coolers
  • Olive Grove
  • Vineyard
  • All internal sections have a central climate system.
  • Private vegetable garden (bostani) from which you may choose fresh bio veggies.
  • Olive Grove
  • Wine Cellar
  • Ping Pong Table
  • All rooms include waterproof mattress covering.
  • In each room, there are four anatomic pillows.
  • All rooms have slippers/bathrobes.
  • Every room has a working workstation.
  • Area of the living room.
  • All rooms include a hairdryer.
  • All rooms include a luggage rack.
  • All rooms have a full-body mirror.
  • Bed Reading Lights in all rooms.
  • Traditional Clay Hulls
  • Bookcase
  • Fire Protection




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