Property Management


What is property management?

The supervision and management of various commercial and residential real estate properties are referred to as property management

This includes managing all aspects of a property’s daily operations, such as collecting rent, handling maintenance, dealing with tenant complaints, and so on. The extent of property managers’ responsibilities is determined by their lease agreement with the landlord.

We undertake:

  • Management of reservations, online platforms and sales and regular updates
  • Provision of services relating to the functionality of the property
  • The complete and detailed inventory of the equipment of the property
  • Monitoring of cleaning services on a daily basis
  • Providing check-in and check-out services, 24-hour support to tenants of the accommodation
  • Formulation of proposals for promotion, marketing, rebranding, new services and methods to increase revenue from the operation of the accommodation
  • The inaugural set up of the Villa
  • Inventory of equipment
  • Opening of the Villa and standby service for maintenance or household deliveries for a full year
  • Check-in/ Check out
  • Regular inspection visits of the villa
  • Arrangements for maintenance, general maintenance and attendance at your property
  • Point of contact in your absence