EMV unlocks some of the worlds most desirable holiday destinations. Stay in splendidly appointed dream villas. Enjoy a suite of concierge and other services. Exotic destinations. Luxury Villas. Live the best life now.

We were inspired from an inner skill that comes from our origins – Greek. Hospitality comes from the heart is our slogan and this was our inspiration. Our passion is travelling. We offer services according to our inner passion for travelling and hospitality. This is how EMV – ENA Mykonos Villas.  got great testimonials from Lidsey Lohan, Djibrill Sisse and many more grateful customers/guests. Our love for Mykonos island made us create a wide portfolio of villas, destinations and services that create personalized experiences to fulfill guests’ expectations.

Our philosophy

At EMV our philosophy is based on impeccable hospitality and quality service in order to create a unique and unforgettable experience for travelers that seek to discover the magic of Mykonos and other nearby destinations. Marching with integrity, respect, and commitment we keep advancing our quality of service.

Our Promise

Our promise is based on the satisfaction of clients expectations and needs. We are on call 24/7 from the moment of the initial contact until the day of your departure, we promise that we will stand discretely by your side in order to make this whole journey one to never forget and one to relive again in your memories. Our expertise will always be available to you so that you will have one and only worry: how to make the time stop in Mykonos and stay longer!

When you stay with ENA Mykonos Villas. You will never want to leave.

تنفس ميكونوس
@ENA Mykonos Villas
هل تبحث عن تجربة رائعة في فيلا فاخرة ذات محيط جميل على جزيرة ميكونوس. لا مزيد من البحث وابدأ التخطيط معنا!

E : info@enamykonosvillas.com
T : +306948833901
  • أرغب أيضًا في تلقي عروض خدمات الكونسيرج: طائرات خاصة وطائرات هليكوبتر ، مواثيق اليخوت الفاخرة الخاصة ، خدمات تأجير السيارات الفاخرة ، خدمات الصحة والجمال وتذوق النبيذ
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